3D Projectors

3d projectors

If projectors revolutionized the entertainment industry, then 3 Dimension films radicalised it. There is simply no comparison between the experience of watching a 3 Dimensional movie and that of watching a 2 dimensional movie. 3 Dimensional movies are the real deal. But most people wonder, how is it possible to watch a film in 3 Dimensions? 3D Projectors are one of the best ways to enjoy your favourite movies.

3D movies mimic the way human eyes operate in order to get a greater perception of depth. These movies enhance the way our eyes perceive depth in the movies, thus creating a third dimension. In this quest, they are aided by glasses that are the trademark of watching a 3D movie. This is why it is possible for you to perceive characters leaving the screen and coming right at you. Nothing spells thrilling better than that.

Even though 3D movies are so exciting, they have not been very popular for a number of reasons. In fact, you might be shocked to learn that 3D movies had started to be produced as early as 1903. It shows that human beings are always craving for a better entertainment experience, and without doubt, their efforts have paid off in the long run, because 3D movies will satisfy even the pickiest audience’s entertainment needs.

The high end theatre IMAX has played a major role in popularizing 3D movies, because these movies are usually very high quality movies. One legendary movie that we will remember for a long time to come as one of the best 3D movies ever is Avatar. In this movie, we felt as if we were in the fantasy world Pandora, and it made the watching experience that much better. There have also been many other 3D movies that surpassed our wildest expectations, and helped make these 3D movies a lot more popular.

3d projectors

Why You Should Buy Your Own 3D Projector.

Although most people prefer to watch 3D movies in cinema halls and theatres, there are a number of reasons why you should seriously consider buying a 3D movie projector for your home theatre. First of all, the very experience of watching 3D movies is matchless. You simply can’t compare watching a 2D movie and watching one that is in 3 dimensions. Watching a 3D movie gives you the electrifying sensation of being there where all the action is taking place, and this is simply awe- inspiring. 3D movies are the real deal when it comes to quality entertainment. And being able to enjoy this in the comfort of your own home is an experience unsurpassed by any other. The spine- tingling sensation that you experience when you watch 3D movies warrants the need to own one in your home theatre, and you can rest assured that entertainment will take a different dimension in your home.

Another reason why you should purchase a 3D movie projector for your home is that the quality of images is superior to any other kind of projector. 3D movie projector makers are dedicated to making the product worth its money. The resolution of these projectors is very high. An example on point here is the Epson 3D home theatre projector that produces sharp and clear images thanks to plenty of light power of the projector. Moreover, because 3D projectors are so good at producing great images, they can be used on 2D screens and the quality of images projected on such screens will be of excellent quality.

Also, 3D movie projectors are an important component of your home theatre simply because of the size of screen that the projectors have. When you watch a 3D movie projected on a feet- measured- screen, you will get life size motion pictures that add to the whole excitement of watching your movies. It is simply exhilarating. You are provided with an immersive viewing experience right inside your home, so you do not need to worry about going to the theatre.

What should you consider before buying a 3D projector?

Before you spend your hard earned money to buy a 3D projector for your home, there are some considerations you need to make.For one thing, the room in which you intend to place your projector needs to have little if any lighting. This is the ideal condition for you to get the best watching experience with a projector. No wonder lights are turned down in theatres. If it is impossible to reduce the lighting of your home theatre, then you need to consider the specifications of the projector in question. If your room has too much light, you need to buy a projector that works well in such conditions. Such a projector should have the highest lumens, not less than 2500 lumens, so that the screen is bright enough to look at.

You also need to consider the resolution of the projector in question. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of images that will be produced. Also, you should consider what space is available in your home theatre in order to correctly space the projector from the screen. This is referred to as the throw ratio of your projector. This is because projectors differ in their throw ratios, and you do not want to buy a projector that you cannot use.

There are very many 3D home projectors available in the market. Some of the best brands include acer, Epson among others. Most 3d projectors have a 1000 to 3000 lumens, their resolution is between 1080 pixels and allow you to attach a USB device as a source of information. As you go to look for your ideal projector, the brand you choose is very important. it is advisable to look for a model or brand that is durable, versatile and suits all your needs. Above all, the price of the projector should be affordable, but it should not compromise the quality and efficiency of the projector.

Purchasing a 3D movie projector can fully revolutionize the entertainment experience in your home. It will add a bit of thrill and excitement to your home, in addition to giving you quality service for your money. A 3D movie projector is certainly worth every single coin you spend on it, because of both the exceptional quality of images as well as their life size projection that make watching movies a whole new and more real experience.

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