Angry Birds Movie Review

Angry Birds Movie Review

Our expectations coming in to this movie were very low, but we’ve got to say that after watching it, we thought it was actually a pretty good movie! So I am looking forward in bringing you our Angry Birds Movie Review.

The story is very simple but it’s true to the source material. Using the game as a solid reference. Bird Island, an island inhabited by flightless birds lives outsider Red, who lives alone on the islands beach works as a birthday party clown. After an altercation with a customer resulting in a hatchling being prematurely hatched, Red is sentenced to anger management classes to deal with his temperament. Feeling pushed out, Red and his new found friends from anger management Chuck and Bomb suspect there is more than meets the eye with some new visitors to the island, the green coloured pigs. Overwhelming the locals with innovated technology like the helium balloon and slingshot. They soon realise that they had a reason to be suspicious.

Angry Birds Movie Review

Whilst Red, Bomb and Chuck go on a trek to find the famous Mighty Eagle. The pigs distract the birds with a rave and steal their beloved eggs containing hatchlings. Now looking to Red for advice the angry birds tackle the villainous pigs and their leader Leonard, in an attempt to save their precious eggs, that were stolen by the Pig King. Using a catapult to fire each bird into the pig city, not knowing their abilities as they each crash into buildings toppling them in the process.

The animation is beautiful, from the design of the birds to the background and foreground visuals, it is all been top drawer. The design of the two islands are exactly how you’d imagine the birds and pigs would live. Bird Island is colourful and vibrant. Whilst Pig Island has a lot of high but unstable buildings. When the action scenes are happening and the birds are showcasing their abilities, it’s very fun and exciting to see the game come to life. The thing that surprised us the most was the amount of humour and jokes that landed and more importantly delivered, I was actually laughing a lot which with family movies like this you hope for. However, the movie is not perfect it does have some flaws. The characters, although fun to watch, are very generic. All though there is a variety of our fluffy friends. We thought a little more could have went into the design side of things. And the story is very, and I mean very predictable. That I suppose can be a good or a bad thing depending on what you would want out of the movie. Movie reference or a new identity? That is a question you need to answer yourself.

So overall, Angry Birds may not be a great movie, but it’s still a ton of fun, not a must see, but I do recommend it for a lazy day with the children.

Rating- 7/10

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