Avengers Age Of Ultron 3D

Avengers Age Of Ultron 3D, the next fun filled instalment of the popular Marvel Avengers series. All though an awesome movie we were very disappointed with the quality of the Avengers 3D release, so can its sequel do any better? Lets find out!

Avengers Age Of Ultron 3D Movie Review.

The gang find themselves in deep water by their own admission, well that of Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). As they try to activate a dormant artificial intelligence called Ultron. He soon takes over the situation and creates himself a meat suit, well a robotic suit and hatches plans to bring devastation to the world as we know it. Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow soon find themselves neck deep in another battle against global destruction as they seek the help off some familiar faces.


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It carries on from the end of Captain America: The Winter Solider as the earth’s mightiest heroes take on HYDRA agent Baron Von Strucker and his soldiers as they try to track down Loki’s sceptre. They track down Strucker and the sceptre to a fortress hidden in the snowy mountains in Eastern Europe. The opening scene, just wow! The guys have really put a lot into it, that is evidently clear. The interaction with each hero brings a 3D overload as our heroes track through the forest towards the fortress. It is a play the famous Chicago Bulls would be proud of.

Thor smashes his hammer, Hulk catches the truck, Thor smashes Captain America’s shield sending a shock wave through the defence leading the way for Iron Man to swoop into the base and deactivating the draw bridge, Avengers win on the buzzer!

The interaction with all the characters was on point, and the 3D also. All though crammed full of 3D, Hulk smashing through the enemy bunker was a stand out moment in the opening montage.


We talked in the last review for Avengers Assemble about the details, things could have been better, so on and so fourth. There was a massive improvement this time around. One stand moment, again early on was the suns reflection as it blurs the viewers sight. It was a great touch of 3D brilliance and showed that no stone was left unturned.

Throughout the course of the movie there is a constant stream of action which in hand brings a constant stream of 3D. Giving the viewer a great visual experience. The new Avengers Tower, once Stark Tower, again take a beating as robots fly into it bring some great visual effects. Anything relating to Iron Man flying about, again, EPIC! Same goes goes with Hulk as expected. But how would a fight between Hulk and Iron Man pan out? Just as you can probably imagine. Hulk looses his head halfway through the movie resulting in Tony Stark taking on Bruce, obviously in the middle of a populated city centre.


This is the first glimpse of Stark’s new toy the Titan, or as we prefer it the Hulkbuster. Creating a trail of destruction the two fight it out until the Hulk finally snaps out of it, but we don’t mind it gave us a great few minutes of 3Dness. We could go on about all the brilliant use of the 3D, from Captain America’s shield to Thor’s hammer but one thing I thought was utilized very well was Black Widow. There were a few scenes when she was on a high speed chase on her motorbike and we mentioned earlier the details and this was one to note.

Overall Avengers Age Of Ultron 3D was a very fun filled, action packed 3 hours. A massive improvement on the first instalment and we would highly recommend paying the extra to enjoy it to. Marvel are set to make an absolute killing with The Avengers franchise and the spins offs following each of the heroes. We look forward to the 3D’ness headed our way.

Best 3D Moment- Slow motion scenes.

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Released Date: 14 September 2014
Director: Joss Whedon
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Actors: Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, James Spader, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olson

By Roy Thomas


  • Slow Motion Scenes
  • Hulk vs Hulkbuster
  • Any Action Scene


3D Movie Suitability - 9
3D Planning & Effort - 9
3D Visuals - 9
3D Fulfillment - 8