Avengers Assemble 3D

Avengers Assemble 3D, turning an amazing film into 3D? Brilliant! Well that is what I thought as well but overall I was disappointed with what Joss Whedon and the crew had produced. For the first hour and fifteen minutes there isn’t much to talk about, all the 3D was for the wrong things. The girl who is bribed to lure Dr Banner aka The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) running through the town or the boxing ring where Captain America is punching seven bells out of some punch bags. Any still objects like cars in the street or the harriers on the carrier, not the actual harrier boarding the carrier. It just seemed the 3D was for all the wrong reasons. Even the first scene seeing Iron Man (Robert Downey Jnr) underwater, flying his way through New York City to Stark Tower wasn’t as impressive as you would image it to be.


In fact there wasn’t anything notable until the carrier battle. The ship the brained washed Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) was aboard approaching the carrier started an OK battle scene. Triggering iconic moments in the film into a 3D frenzy like when Dr. Banner first turns into The Hulk, he smashes his way through all the ships generators after a fleeing Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). Then his fight with Thor were Thor’s hammer come crashing through the rubble. At this point though it was to little to late, we had waited a long time to see the first bit of 3D really take effect. Up to this point The Avengers Assemble 3D has only shown glimpses of its potential, surely something must be coming? Surely!

The Invasion scene starts with an impressive Iron Man flying to, yet again, Stark Tower. This time to stop the Tesseract from opening the portal, unfortunately for Mr Stark (but fortunate for us) the portal opens and the invasion begins with Loki’s army cascading out upon a chaotic New York City. FINALLY! We see the potential this 3D this movie holds. They seemed to keep all the budget for the final scene, The War.

As mentioned earlier, the Chitauri Army visuals swooping down on their chariots to a frantic New York City are really impressive. Especially when the Leviathan comes swooping down to join in all the action. Captain America runs as a trail of explosions go off behind him, Hawkeye shown high up in the sky on a building firing arrows at the on rushing Chitauri Chariots. The camera follows each arrows and the 3D catches this along with the debris each arrow creates. Why didn’t they do this for every scene! There was a lot of falling debris through the film, but they didn’t put anywhere near as much effort as they did to this.

The Avenger Assembled scene starts with The Hulk halting the first of many Leviathan kicking off another series of memorable 3D moments. As the harrier carry the nuclear missile takes off from the carrier in, finally, 3D style. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) conducts electricity from the top of a building and aims it into the eye of the portal, creating debris visuals. Hawkeye is at it again with his 3 Dimensional arrows, this time halting an airborne Loki. It’s a shame that all the planning went into this final scene, it showed what we expected throughout the whole movie. Is it worth getting on 3D? Of course it is, the film visuals alone are brilliant, but will the fulfilment satisfy you? That is a question only you can answer.


  • Great Visuals


  • Not enough 3D
  • Best 3D came far to late


3D Movie Suitability - 10
3D Planning & Effort - 6
3D Visuals - 8
3D Fulfillment - 3

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