Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Ultimate Edition Movie Review

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Ultimate Edition Movie Review

BVS tells the simple tail of Batman fighting Superman. To be honest, there isn’t much depth to this film at all, and the simplicity is actually a very the thing. But as simple as this film is, it’s also very entertaining.

The main plot is Batman hating Superman, and Superman hating Batman. Obviously, there are other things to the plot line like Lois Lane trying to solve an uninteresting mystery and (A)Lex Luthor being weird and simply hating Superman for some really stupid and unexplained reasons. My main wish with this cut was for the storyline to be more explored. There is more to it than in the theatrical version, but a lot felt unnecessary and made the movie feel slow without really adding any new information. The new characters introduced in The Ultimate Cut where used for like 5 minutes and Jena Malone as whoever she was, was not what I expected.

The cut did bring some positives, especially the violence. As you may have guessed, the violence and action scenes are improved due to the R-rating. They felt more alive and real and believe me, there is blood coming out of those who die (to me that’s a positive!). Another great thing was the hints and Easter eggs to the upcoming Justice League film. The supposed villain in that film (known as Steppenwolf) is kinda confirmed in a very cool scene against the ending, and that small piece of the film was easily my favorite addition to The Ultimate Cut.

Ben Affleck still shines as Batman and his hatred against Superman is explained very good in the film. The thing with the theatrical cut was that Superman’s hatred against Bats was never explained. Here, we get more in depth info when Clark Kent as a journalist interviews the victims of the Batman. He obviously builds an hatred throughout all of his discussions and I actually thought it worked. It explained what felt unclear in the original version and that is definitely a big positive. Alexander Luthors intentions were never really explainedand once again, Jesse Eisenberg feels like a weird casting choice for the character. He isn’t as bad as people say I believe. He makes another crazy villain, but he doesn’t do it badly. Infact, some scenes are very good including him, especially the whole sub-plot with him and The Senator (portrayed by Holly Hunter). If you’ve seen the film, you’ll understand me when I recall The Granny’s Peach Tee scenario. Personally, one of the best moments in the film for me!

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

The meta humans introductions was too rushed and too forced. With a cut that promises more depth and info, why do some of the coolest characters still get introduced via a frickin email? The scene was cool, but it could have been cooler if only a little bit more depth was given to it.

In the end, BVS is getting way too much hatred IMO. It’s a solid superhero movie that outshines a lot of other superhero films released in the past years. The unnecessary hate has created an unnecessary war that needs to be stopped. For now, BVS doesn’t really live up to its potential, but I still think it will be remembered as one of the biggest movie events ever!

+ Ben Affleck as Batman
+ Henry Cavill as Superman
+ Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
+ The action scenes
+ Zack Synders directing
+ Hints too Justice League

– Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor
– The writing
– Unnecessary long scenes that makes rushed look like a better solution
– Wasted Jena Malone

Rating: 7.2/10

Written by Rikard Gunnarsson

Twitter: @Dailymovies22
Instagram: @Dailymoviereviews

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