Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer


Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer.

Well theĀ Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice TrailerĀ has dropped and with it, the recurring questions and mixed emotions have returned that followed the announcement of this film and the ensuing casting decisions. Chances are your either super excited to see two of your favourite DC heroes facing off against each other, or your a bit miffed about the initial Man Of Steel film and the decision to have Ben Affleck don the cape and cowl after the audience acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy. A lot hangs in the balance with this film. Can someone finally deliver a successful superman film after the maligned Superman Returns, and the pretty mediocre Man of Steel? Can Ben Affleck prove doubters wrong and truly consign Christian Bales Batman, and more importantly Christopher Nolans Dark knight Trilogy to the past? Will this film be a strong enough platform for the likes of Wonder Woman and Aquaman to branch out into there own independent sequels? We here certainly hope this film is a hit and that these questions are resoundingly answered, we will discover if this is to be the dawn of justice for DC and their heroes come March 25th 2016. For now though here is the extended trailer for you to enjoy.

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