Batman vs Superman Movie Review

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice needs no introduction, but we’ll give it a short one anyway. Ben Affleck (Batman) takes on Henry Cavill (Superman) as man takes on god with a psychotic villain, Lex Luthor, sitting in the dark waiting to rise and takeover the world. Now lets delve into our Batman vs Superman Movie Review.

With Superman taking apart lives in order to keep his romance alive, Batman sees red and chases down the man of steel but there is a storm coming in the name of Doomsday. The two rivals have to put their issues aside to team up with the wonderfully wonderful Wonderwoman to take on the evil Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor).

batman v superman

Batman vs Superman shakes up a wave the second it kicks off but takes it a wobbles at the midway stage in an attempt to really introduce the meat of the movie. The movie splits you in half during this period, forces you to choose between one of the two (which proves impossible) and then begins to boil over the top again with the true introduction of the gradually more and more evil Lex Luthor. As Lex Luthor comes into the movie, Wonderwoman starts to introduce herself and the Batman Superman battle begins to hit its climax!

Before the big collision happens we see the growing influence Lex Luthor has on some of the weak-minded individuals in positions of power. Whilst that uproar is happening, the struggle Clarke Kent has as a journalist is also being displayed. Half of his life that revolves around being Superman is being criticised by the paper he works for and thus resulting in him having to try to turn the media for attention towards Batman as he attempts to make Batman look like the bad guy. During all this, Ben Affleck is preparing himself for the fight of his life with Superman after realising he isn’t strong enough to beat ‘God’, as all top superheroes do, he’s working hard at the gym (randomly)!

Now, we are hitting the close of the film, after the introductory mini-scraps between the two key characters, we’ve strolled by the past of Wonderwoman, how she came about and learnt that Lex Luthor is a man with a cunning plan (no spoilers here)! Then comes the supreme battle of the two heroes which really peters out gently which was unfortunate, the rise of Doomsday and then an earth-rattling war against him adds to the closing climax of the movie.

batman v superman

Unfortunately, despite the movie gaining a huge amount of hype, it didn’t quite live up to the expected level. However, it certainly wasn’t as average as what some reviews are suggesting it was. Ben Affleck gives his batman a very personal feel, but the real standout performance from the movie came from Jesse Eisenberg. Picture his obnoxious performance in The Social Network with his equally obnoxious but rather witty display in Now You See Me into one role and boom, you have Lex Luthor!

It’s a tough movie to criticise too much as it really feels like it’s an attempt to cram Lex Luthor, Doomsday, Wonderwoman and of course the Batman Superman battle into one movie. However, not many of the performances were particularly outstanding apart from Jesse Eisenberg which really decreases the quality of the movie. Along with the dialogue between the two main characters lacking any real intensity but at the end of the day if you go into this thinking it will be a 10/10 film, then you will leave seriously disappointed. It ticks some boxes but not enough for us so we’ve scored it an overall 6.7 out of 10.

Writer- Nubaid Haroon
Twitter- @RamboVlogs

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  1. I don’t disagree with much of anything you said . In fact I agree with regarding that Lex Luther. I really didn’t like him at all . I did like that this plan was about real estate (for once ) but I agree that it was miscast.

    Didn’t you sure also used to review the 3D element of movies in your reviews ? I didn’t see that section of the review .

    Well in my reviews I always talk about the 3D element and make it easy for my viewers to see the quality of the 3D and make it separate from the movie section.

    Here is a link to my review:

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