Big Hero 6 3D

Big Hero 6 3D, is about a boy called Hiro (Ryan Potter) a talented Robotics teenager who befriends a plus-sized inflatable robot called Baymax (Scott Adsit), a healthcare companion created by his brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney). After an unfortunate chain of events Hiro and Baymax unravel a dangerous revenge plot which of course Hiro is connected to. In the wake of the threat, Hiro transforms himself, Baymax and his closet friends Go Go Tamago (Jamie Chung), Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.), Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez) and Fred (T.J. Miller) into a band of high-tech crime fighting superheroes.

The movie starts in a back alley of San Fransokyo, were Hiro takes part in some illegal bot fighting. Even before the fight starts you can see the ‘3Dness’ as Hiro and his opponent look at each other over a spinning umbrella. The fight scene itself is a great visual display with all the robotic destruction jumping right out of the screen. As the fight finishes Tadashi rescues Hiro from the not so happy loser and his crew, as they speed around on his motorbike you can see the effort in the 3D visuals. It is a great start to a movie that already had a great eye for detail in 2D, it is refreshing to see they haven’t skimmed when it comes to 3D.

As the film progresses there is always a constant stream of 3D which we like! Even if there is no action the scenery still remind you what the movie is all about. The next worthy bit of 3D comes in the form of fire! When the fire breaks loose at the ‘Nerd School’ also known as San Fransokyo Institute Of Technology there is an almighty explosion bringing great 3D visuals in the process, and it doesn’t stop there. Anything involving the microbot technology bring great 3D moments. From when Hiro and Baymax find them being mass produced, to when they are chasing Hiro and the team in the car through the streets of San Fransokyo.

Surely there is some epic flying scenes’ I hear you cry, and you wouldn’t be wrong to ask. When we first lay eyes on Baymax 2.0 there is a great scene of him and Hiro flying through the city with thrusters at full pelt. This leads into a flurry of action packed scenes including Baymax, the microbots and the destruction to come with them.

Overall we really enjoy what Disney created here, they kept the detail and did Hiro and the gang justice. All though it isn’t at the standard of Avatar or Hugo (but did we expect that) this is still worth parting with your money for, the kids will love it and so will you.

Best 3D Moment- Flying and Microbots.




3D Movie Suitability - 7
3D Planning & Effort - 8.5
3D Visuals - 8
3D Fulfillment - 8

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