Zoolander 2 Trailer

Derek Zoolander and Hansel are back as ‘past it’ supermodels in their second instalment of Blue Steel posing and Le Tigre striking in Zoolander 2. Or 2lander which it has been wittingly named. Paramount Pictures released the Zoolander 2 trailer on their YouTube channel only a few hours ago.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer. Well the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer has dropped and with it, the recurring questions and mixed emotions have returned that followed the announcement of this film and the ensuing casting decisions. Chances are your either super excited to see two of your favourite DC heroes facing off against each other, or your a bit miffed about the initia...[Read More]

The Night Before Trailer

The Night Before Trailer, for the last 13 years Isaac (Seth Rogan) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) have always been there for Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) for the festive holidays after his parents died. With their lives changing for the better, with Isaac having a child and Chris being famous. Their yearly reunion could be coming to an end. The three lifelong best friends set out to go out with a bang...[Read More]

Creed Trailer

Creed Trailer, Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) seeks the help of his late fathers best friend and former rival Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). Under the wing of Rocky, Adonis makes a name for himself getting a title shot against one of the most men ever to enter the ring.

Spectre Trailer

Spectre Trailer. Spectre Trailer, Under the new directorial reigns of Sam Raimi, Daniel Craig takes on his fourth outing as our favourite spy James Bond. 007 embarks on a mission to take down a corrupt organisation known as Spectre headed up by Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz). In the process testing his loyalty to M and the secret service. Whatever the outcome the Spectre trailer offers food fo...[Read More]

The Force Awakens Trailer

Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer. Picking up approximately 30 years after the events of episode 6 (and 32 years real time) episode 7 The Force Awakens hits our screens on December 18th. Episodes 1-3 have come and gone during this time to mixed emotions amongst critics and fans alike with many wishing they could delete Jar Jar Binks from their minds entirely along with large parts of that trilog...[Read More]

Jungle Book Trailer

Here is the new Jungle Book Trailer set to hit our screen in 2016. Starring a mammoth cast including Scarlett Johansson (Kaa), Bill Murray (Baloo), Ben Kingsley (Bagheera), Christopher Walken (King Louie), Giancarlo Esposito (Akela), Lupita Nyong’o (Raksha), Idris Elba (Shere Khan) and Neel Sethi (Mowgli).

Deadpool Trailer

Finally the official Deadpool Trailer has landed! Ryan Reynolds plays cancer riddled Special Forces Operative Wade Wilson. When all seems lost Wade is approached by an organisation who can help, and with a series a rogue experiments leave him with accelerated healing powers and the alter ego Deadpool. With a lot of great jokes and a wicked sense of humor, Wayne aka Deadpool sets off on a mission t...[Read More]

Suicide Squad Trailer

The Suicide Squad, a group of expendable super villains imprisoned by the United States Government, are asked to go on a secret high-risk mission, in return their sentences are reprieved. Well they say their reprieve, but it’s just a battle to stay alive before being thrown into another life threatening situation, and if things couldn’t get any worse, if they stray from the path they h...[Read More]

Ted 2 Trailer

Ted 2 Trailer. The thunder buddies are back in action in Ted 2 but a lot has changed for John (Mark Wahlberg and Ted (Seth MacFarlane). John has now been divorced from Lori for 6 months, whilst Ted who is married to Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). Ted and Tami-Lynn decide they want to adopt a baby but unfortunately Ted is not classed as a human being, but more a belonging. Upset about the whole thing, ...[Read More]