Central Intelligence Movie Review

Central Intelligence Movie Review

The Rock and Kevin Hart goes up against terrorists to save the world in this new action comedy directed by Dodgeball and We’re the Millers director Rawson Marshall Thurber.

The movie mostly focus on the relationship between The Rock and Kevin Harts characters that due to their differences work pretty good together. As The Rocks character Bob Stone was bullied in high school, Kevin Harts accountant character Calvin Joyner is surprised to find him self confident and really well built. Soon, he learns that Stone is more than that and that he actually works for the CIA. Or does he? The CIA executives says differently and now Joyner has to choose whom to trust.

Overall, the story was pretty lame. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but as it doesn’t, the convoluted plot points and twists doesn’t make the same impact as the movie had hoped for. There is a whole side plot element in the film about the guys deciding whether or not to go to their high school reunion and it feels wasted. In my opinion, if more time would have been put into the guys actually fighting too make it in time to the reunion, the movie would have a better comedic relief too it’s main plot, making that more of a side plot. I honestly think I would have enjoyed that a lot more as it would have proven that the movie doesn’t take it self seriously and only is there for enjoyment and pure fun.


The cast is better than average and I’m really surprised to see The Rock nail a character like this. He was one of those annoyingly funny characters that is hard too dislike. He came off as incredibly annoying too me and my fellow movie goers at points, but still, he was very like able and funny, which surprised me a lot as we haven’t seen The Rock in many comedies before, especially not this funny! Kevin Hart plays a more serious character than he usually does, but the opportunity was lost as he fails over and over again to do his task. He becomes a typical Kevin Hart character and I’m kinda sad that he did. I don’t laugh at “It’s because I’m black” jokes anymore and this movie sure didn’t make me change my mind about it. There are plenty of cameos in the film and they work better than I thought. To me, the best thing about the movie! Especially as I wasn’t expecting them.

Central Intelligence Movie Review
Overall, Central Intelligence was a pleasant comedy film that brought pretty much what I expected. It has a few surprises here and there and The Rock makes one of his best performances ever! But the lack of a good plot is there and the story feels more serious than it actually is. If only they would have focused more on the reunion… However, the movie is fun at points (even tough many jokes fall flat) and it proves that The Rock can do comedy. The action is solid even tough not groundbreaking and the cast and cameos are funny and unexpected! So I wouldn’t tell you to run to the theater, but as a time killer, Central Intelligence doesn’t fail to deliver!

+ The Rock
+ Unexpected Cameos
+ Solid Action
+ Time Killer

– Kevin Hart tries something different but end up playing the same character as he always does
– The comedy isn’t always at its best
– Hollow and boring story
– Wasted side plot

Rating: 6.8/10

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