Ghostbusters Movie Review


Another reboot we didn’t ask for in another year of potential wasted. Ghostbusters takes the female lead hysteria to a new level and puts four very talented actresses in the roles of what resembles the iconic four from the original Ghostbusters movie.

The movie is as said a reboot and it has nothing to do with the first 2 films. The story focus on Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates (Kristen Wig and Melissa McCarthy), the two are old friends that wrote a book about the paranormal, but due to Erin Gilbert’s studying, she has left Abby and the book. This until she finds out that the book is published and can be found online. One thing leads to another and soon the two, including friends Holtzman and Patty are working together to defeat the undead and become the Ghostbusters.

The hate that this movie has gotten is incredibly annoying. I mean, who the hell cares if a reboot is made. If you don’t wanna see it, you don’t wanna see it, so don’t lay you’re energy on complaining. I get that nostalgia is a part of the hatred towards reboots and I get that this film is very unnecessary, but I personally thought that this at least could be a good time.

Happily, I was right! Ghostbusters is not a fantastic film and at points, it’s not even a good comedy. But when the film actually goes for the comedy, it does it spot on and brings hilarious dialogue and good jokes! The film is also entertaining in the “action ways” and while some of the ghost hunting scenes felt rushed and forced, they were entertaining for their moments and I loved it! The final battle that includes an enormous version of the ghostbusters logo is to say the least very enjoyable! The effects aren’t to bad either and I gotta say that I was impressed by many of the visuals.


The casting is good too and all four busters are well portrayed. Melissa McCarthy had some annoying parts and during these parts, her dialogue was cringeworthy and extremely disappointing from what I wanted it to be. Wig, Jones and McKinnon were all good and like able and both Jones and McKinnon were extremely funny! This while Wig were more down to earth, in a good way of course…!

Now, this movie is far from perfect and it’s 73% score on Rotten Tomatoes is way too high. Let me explain why without insulting anyone… This movie has some really unfunny attempts at comedy and the writing is close to terrible at points. What made Hemsworths character so funny was his stupidity, and while I thought it was a good move, I can see how many wouldn’t. At points, even I thought his stupidity was too much and when I say that, I obviously look at the parts where he for example talk about why the glass in his glasses have been taken out. You’ll have to see to understand and it’s truly stupidity at a level where it’s not funny anymore…

In the end, Ghostbusters is solid. It was basically pretty much what I thought it was going to be and it didn’t bring more than expected. It’s storyline was rushed and predictable and a lot of the things going on in the film was done wrong. On the bright side, a lot of other things were done better and I enjoyed most of the film! But I beg director and writer Paul Feig to please stick to R-rated comedies in the future, cause this film proves why he should…

+ All female leads
+ Chris Hemsworth
+ Some action scenes
+ The Visual effects

– The bad guys
– The storyline
– Rushed plot points and characters
– Unfunny writing
– Unnecessary male stupidity

Final Verdict: 5.9/10

Written by Rikard Gunnarsson

Twitter- @Dailymovies22
nstagram- @dailymoviereviews

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