Jurrasic World 3D is set 22 years after Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World. The owner of Jurassic World Simon Misrani (Iffran Khan) and the Patel Corporation have built a breath taking holiday resort, a dinosaur Disneyland. Bringing visitors genetically engineered dinosaurs in a Universal Studios style fashion.

Living on the island, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) a dinosaur researcher at the resort currently conducting behavioural research of the Velociraptors, is asked to evaluate the safety of the new Indominus Rex species, engineered by Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong) and his team of geneticists. Upon visiting the genetically modified giant stealth killing machine, it soon escapes containment and goes on a killing spree. Accompanied by Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), Operations Manager of Jurassic World, the two embark on a journey to save Claire’s 2 nephews who have come to the island under her care.


The stunning visuals of Jurassic World cannot go unnoticed, the in-depth detail of the island is extraordinary. From the resort itself right through to the jungle, Colin Trevorrow and the guys have created something beautiful. Like whenever you go on holiday, you find it takes a few days to work out were everything is. With Jurassic World they give you an idea of were everything is on the island which ultimately give you the viewer a better cinematic experience. That goes for the cast to, you get to know each character and their background, which to be fair they have captured in every Jurassic Park. I hate a film that rushes into all the action to early, you then don’t feel anything for anyone who then gets the chop! As for the dinosaurs themselves, they are a work of art. All though I have never seen a real life dinosaur, I would say they cannot get more realistic than this.


So we have cleared up the visuals are brilliant, but how about the storyline? Well you have probably guessed that already. Dinosaur escapes, goes on a rampage, panic, carnage, dinosaur is ceased, oh and the ever so important love story. Sometimes simple is better, and in this case along with the stunning visuals it most definitely is. I also noticed a very similar off-topic storyline to Jurassic Park, were Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) wasn’t to fond of children. In this Claire is single and clearly a career women, and her not having a close relationship with her nephews is clear for us to see. Maybe it is an attempt to keep some type of structure in place for the viewer to have the same feel as they did with Jurassic Park.


I would have like a lot more 3D action scenes, as this film had a perfect opportunity with all the Dino fun going on. Overall you can tell this film was made for 3D, and I highly recommend you take advantage of this selling point. It was always going to be an impossible task to top Jurassic Park but in its own right has given a good account of itself and I for one would love to see the Jurassic World- The Lost Park.

Best 3D Moment- Anything involving the Indominus Rex.


  • Stunning visuals
  • Feel for the cast
  • Indominus Rex


  • Not enough 3D scenes


3D Movie Suitability - 10
3D Planning & Effort - 8.5
3D Visuals - 10
3D Fulfillment - 7

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