Life Of Pi 3D

Life of Pi 3D, based on the critically acclaimed, best-selling book, Ang Lee brings one boy’s spectacular journey to the big screen in the book that was considered un-filmable. A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor… a fearsome Bengal tiger.

Life of Pi 3D
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Life Of Pi 3D, is a magical movie given the 3D treatment and rightly so. The storyline alone makes this movie one of the most beautiful movies in recent years, but did the addition of 3D make or break it? We take a look at some of the key features and give you a break down of the pros and cons of one of the most anticipate 3D moments.

The movie starts off at the family zoo and straight away the quality of the 3D really shows. The camera engages with a wide range of the animals bringing with it some brilliant 3D visuals. Most notable is when the birds fly out from the tree into the camera creating a beautiful spectacle. Off the back of the animal engagement the camera moves onto a colourful storyline in its own right.

As the movie progresses little intricacies start to show from the blinds as the camera piers through the window to a spider web hanging in a tree. Life of Pi 3D and its crew have made sure no stone was unturned. A lot of the next memorable 3D features to note comes in the form of water. From the jumping into the pool to when Pi watches the ship sinking in the storm. As the animals swim for safety and the debris passes by, each embossed as a central figure as the waves crash on by. In fact the majority of the story is based around water so it is pretty important it was utilised properly. The moment Richard Parker jumps in to try and catch a fish again leaves you with a great visual watching him tread water around your living room.

As for the cons there isn’t any, it is another perfectly tuned masterpiece in the same bracket of Avatar. If we were to be picky the variety of 3D is limited due to the fact the majority of the movie is shot on small boat. Saying that the before and after does have plenty to make up for that.

Life of Pi 3D is known for its bright colourfully scenes, from the hump back whale to the meerkat island. So it was important that Ang Lee and the crew captured these moments with 3D that would leave you very pleased indeed. They succeeded and then some and we would highly recommend upgrading from your Blu-ray version.

Best 3D Moment- Any water related scene.

Life of Pi 3D is 100% parting the extra money for. It is something the family will enjoy time and time again Take home the journey of a lifetime on 3D.

Purchase Links:  Zavvi | HMV UK | HMV IE | Amazon UK | Amazon US | | Xtra UK | Xtra IE



3D Movie Suitability - 9
3D Planning & Effort - 10
3D Visuals - 9
3D Fulfillment - 9