Minions 3D

Minion 3D begins with a great introduction to the titular Minions with a brilliant voice over from Geoffrey Rush and does a great job of filling in their origins through a hilarious montage filled with historical caricatures and laughs aplenty. We are soon introduced to the trio of main characters Kevin (The courageous leader), Stuart (The musical lothario) and Bob (The little brother) who set out to find a new villainous master.

After a long journey, the Minions arrive at New York 42 years B.G (Before Gru), they soon find themselves Heading to a villain convention filled with the most infamous villains from all over the world in Orlando known as Villain-Con to find their new master travelling by catching a lift with the harming Nelson family headed by Walter Nelson (Michael Keaton).


Now this is where I feel the film kind of slowed down with the introduction of Sandra Bullock’s Scarlett Overkill a world class female super villain who draws screen time from the minions but is much less entertaining and her Bohemian husband and genius inventor Herb overkill (Jon Hamm) who take the minions with them to London, England and order them to Steal the Crown Jewels from The Queen (Jennifer Saunders) for Scarlett.


The whole second half of the film is then given over to this storyline and our trio of minions find themselves on both sides of the law and with fans of Despicable Me treated to a cameo at the end of the film I felt like everything wrapped up quite nicely for the Minions first solo adventure. Visually the Minions film is as good if not better than Despicable Me 2 with 3D adding another fun dimension, the film has a lot of iconic imagery especially when in New York and London along with a musical number and a brilliant soundtrack featuring The Doors, the Kinks and The who and plenty of slapstick comedy to keep children and adult entertained. Overall I would give the film 7 and a half bananas out of 10 and would say that I thought the first half of the film was the stronger part and that if there is to be a Minions 2 just let the Minions go it alone with ought anyone telling them what to do as this is when they are the most entertaining.

Best 3D Moment- Scarlett Overkill flying around in her rocket dress.


  • Universal jokes for children and adults


  • Storyline slows down when Scarlett Overkill is ontroduced


3D Movie Suitability - 6
3D Planning & Effort - 7
3D Visuals - 8
3D Fulfillment - 9

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