Top 10 3D Glasses In 2016

Top 10 3D Glasses In 2016

Movies are the real deal when it comes to entertainment. These movies are the climax of man’s inventive nature and desire of constant improvement when it comes to entertainment. However, in order to fully enjoy this thrilling experience of watching 3D movies, you need good equipment, otherwise poor quality equipment can spoil a would have been great experience. One of the most fundamental watching equipment is a pair of 3D glasses that work the magic of enabling you to perceive images on the screen in 3 dimensions. You need to be very well- informed before you use your hard earned money to purchase a pair of these glasses mostly because they are expensive and if you waste money buying glasses you might never use it will be a very big loss indeed.

One of the important things to inquire about before committing to buy a pair of 3D glasses is the quality of images that the glasses enable you to see on screen. Also, how good are they at shutting out light from the room in order to allow you to concentrate fully on your movie? Moreover, how comfortable are these glasses? Very heavy glasses can make you extremely uncomfortable as you watch your movie, but most heavy glasses are also very versatile, so it is up to you to decide which carries more weight for you: comfort or versatility. For comfort also, you need to buy 3D glasses that have additional features such as nose bands and adjustable earpieces. Also, you need to consider whether the 3D glasses in question can be worn over other glasses. And are these glasses compatible with the 3D TV that you have?

Also, the kind of batteries of the glasses in question is a matter of uttermost importance. Are the batteries rechargeable? If not, how long is there battery life? Also, do they automatically turn off when they are not in use for a long time as a means of conserving their power? Additionally, what accompanies the glasses you intend to buy? Do they come with a protection case or a cleaning cloth? Or do they have an extra battery in case of the non- rechargeable batteries? Here are the top 10 3D glasses in 2016 currently available in the market:

Samsung Compatible 3Active 3D Glasses

1. Samsung Compatible 3Active 3D Glasses.

Highly rated by the customers who have used them, these are arguably the best 3D glasses available in 2016. In spite of being compatible with a relatively wide range of TV’s, these glasses give you very high quality images of an unparalleled clarity. Another mighty huge plus of these glasses is that their batteries are rechargeable; therefore you can watch your movies for a limitless number of hours. Additionally, they are accompanied by a hard protective case and a cleaning cloth, and a USB charging cable. What is more, they are light and extremely comfortable. Their coatings are scratch resistant. Practically everything about these glasses is of advantage to you. And better still, these glasses can be worn over prescription glasses, which only make things better. With them, you can watch countless hours of TV without the slightest inclination to fatigue because these glasses level of comfort is enough to make you forget that you are wearing any glasses at all.

You can purchase these 3D glasses on Amazon here: Samsung Compatible 3Active 3D Glasses

Sony TDG- Br 100 3D Glasses

2. Sony TDG- Br 100 3D Glasses.

A product of the prestigious Sony Company, these 3D glasses are guaranteed to make your watching experience a phenomenal one. They are mostly known for their solid build. In fact, the word solid just about fully describes these glasses. They have a thick frame that works exceptionally well in blocking out external light thus affording you maximum concentration on your thriller of a movie. Moreover, the shutters save you from dreadful glares thus making your time on the screen a more enjoyable experience. The only disadvantage of buying these glasses is that their batteries need replacement, which can be expensive. However, these batteries have a life of 100 hours, which is not really bad. All in all, these are some of the most sturdy and durable glasses that have earned their place among the best.

You can purchase these 3D glasses on Amazon here: Sony TDG- Br 100
LG Cinema 3D Glasses

3. LG Cinema 3D Glasses.

Some of the best 3D glasses available in the market are the LG 3D glasses. These are lightweight which makes them super comfortable. Additionally, they have a rechargeable battery that can last up to 40 hours when fully charged. These glasses have a 120 degree viewing, and you are assured of no ghosting effects as long as you’ve got these glasses on. What’s more, these glasses use shutter technology which allows you an undistracted watching experience.

You can purchase these 3D glasses on Amazon here: LG Cinema 3D Glasses


Samsung SSG- 2100AB 3D Glasses

4. Samsung SSG- 2100AB 3D Glasses.

No other 3D glasses spell comfort like these ones. They fit exceptionally well, and they are light in weight, further guaranteeing you comfort as you watch your 3D movie. Their only disadvantage is that they have a relatively short battery life of 50 hours, and worse still, their batteries are not rechargeable. But if you value comfort over battery life length, these are probably the best choice for you.

You can purchase these 3D glasses on Amazon here:  LG Cinema 3D GlassesSamsung SSG- 2100AB 3D Glasses


Panasonic TY- EW3D10V 3D Glasses

 5. Panasonic TY- EW3D10V 3D Glasses.

These are great glasses when it comes to power conservation owing to their energy saving features. What is more, they have the emitter into the glasses which allows syncing between the glasses and the TV. This seamless syncing ensures that you watch your movie without interruption.

You can purchase these 3D glasses on Amazon here:  Panasonic TY- EW3D10V 3D GlassesViewSonic PGD- 150 3D 3D Glasses

6. ViewSonic PGD- 150 3D 3D Glasses.

These are compatible with a huge numbers that operate with DLP technology but more so, with ViewSonic Projectors. They have an amazing battery life of 70 hours. They are also exceptionally sturdy and can endure use for long hours without wearing out. Their only disadvantage is the fact that they cannot be folded therefore storing them is quite tricky.

You can purchase these 3D glasses on Amazon here: ViewSonic PGD- 150 3D 3D Glasses

Quantum G5 Universal 3D Glasses

7. Quantum G5 Universal 3D Glasses.

These 3D glasses use advanced technology of Liquid Crystal active shutters that completely lock out all else in your world leaving you with full concentration on your movie. They are also very comfortable and you can wear them for long hours without getting restless. What is more, they have a rechargeable battery and a USB dust cover to keep the plug in clean and operational. Its frame has metal hinges to ensure that the glasses last longer and have the strongest support possible.

You can purchase these 3D glasses on Amazon here:  Quantum G5 Universal 3D Glasses

Sharp AN3DG10S 3D Glasses

8. Sharp AN3DG10S 3D Glasses.

The best thing about these glasses is that they allow fast switching of media from 3 D viewing to 2 D viewing. This is especially helpful for people who develop phobia of watching 3 D movies for a long time. Also, they have a battery life of 75 hours which is quite impressive. They also come with an extra battery. Talk about a customer- friendly product! On top of everything else, they come with a protective case that only makes them a more tempting offer for people.

You can purchase these 3D glasses on Amazon here: Sharp AN3DG10S 3D Glasses

Panasonic TY- ER3D4MV 3D Glasses

9. Panasonic TY- ER3D4MV 3D Glasses.

They are arguably the cheapest Panasonic 3 D glasses. This does not however equal lower quality service because these glasses are compatible with many Panasonic as well as Samsung TVs. Moreover, they enable you to see high quality images and are comfortably fitting. 9

You can purchase these 3D glasses on Amazon here: Panasonic TY- ER3D4MV 3D Glasses

Toshiba FPT-AG01V 3D Glasses

10. Toshiba FPT-AG01V 3D Glasses.

These are sturdy and well- designed glasses. They also have a relatively long battery life of 75 hours, although they are not rechargeable. Because of their comfort and strong structure, these glasses also deserve your attention as some of the best 3 D glasses.

You can purchase these 3D glasses on Amazon here:  Toshiba FPT-AG01V 3D Glasses


  1. XPAND Lite RF glasses are great Active chargeable glasses that last longer than the Samsung OEM glasses.

    They are just 39.99 at Best Buy

  2. Thanks Everret,

    It is always good to find out about other 3D glasses available out there. Are the specs as good as the Samsung? The likes of the HFR are more important.

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