Top 10 3D Movie Projectors

3d movie projectors

Here is our top 10 3D movie projectors, as we understand, watching a 3D movie is the epitome of entertainment. Nothing compares to the thrill and ecstasy that is borne out of watching 3 dimensional movies. Better still, nothing beats watching a 3D movie on huge screens. Those life- size images of characters make the experience a lot more better and certainly aid the 3D movie lovers in their quest of watching movies that are as close to reality as possible. This is made possible by the use of projectors. Traditionally, projectors were associated with cinemas and theatres, but did you know that you can watch projected 3D movies in your own home? This is not only very comfortable and convenient, but it also creates a very unique entertainment experience for everyone in your home.

There are numerous 3D movie projectors available in the market, but you need to make an informed decision on what projector to buy if it is to give you any service. You do not want to be stuck with a projector that you cannot use. One of the key things that you must enquire about before purchasing a 3D projector is its brightness. You want to buy a projector that is neither too bright nor too dark, and this is primarily dictated by the lighting conditions in the room you intend to use for watching. Also, you should ensure that the throw ratio of the projector is proportionate to the size of your room, so that you have adequate spacing between the projector and the screen. Also, purchase a projector with as high a resolution as you can afford, because this has a direct correlation with the quality of images that the projector will produce. Here are some of the best 3D movie projectors that have rocked 2016 in our Top 10 3D Movie Projectors.

Optoma HD141X

1. Optoma HD 141X

This Optoma 3D projector is certainly one of the best projectors in the market. It has an outstanding brightness of 3000 lumens, which makes it appropriate for use in relatively brightly lit rooms. What is more, it has a very high resolution of 1920* 1080 pixels, all but guaranteeing an epic experience when you watch movies. This high resolution translates into high quality images that make this projector worth the money. Interestingly though, this is one of the cheapest 3 D movie projectors. Can things get better with this projector? They can because on top of everything else, it has an amazing lamp life of 5000 hours on full power mode and 6000 hours on ecofriendly mode. The only downside of this projector is that it might have the dreaded rainbow effect, seeing that it uses Digital Lighting Processing.

You can purchase this projector on Amazon here: Optoma HD141X Full HD 3D 1080p Projector

Epson Home Cinema 2040

2. Epson Home Cinema 2040

This 3D movie projector is one of the most affordable Epson projectors. It uses Liquid Crystal Display technology that is well known for producing sharp bright images and good color quality. The Epson Home Cinema 2040 has excellent connectivity. Images produced by this projector have the high brightness of 2089 lumens, although often rated at 2200 lumens, because there is a very small difference between these two levels of brightness. In addition to all of these, this projector has an astounding lamp life of 4000 hours in full power mode and 7500 hours in ecofriendly mode. Epson seems to have gone over the edge in making this product affordable, because the replacement lamps of this projector are way cheaper than those of any other Epson projector. This is also a worthwhile investment for home entertainment.

You can purchase this projector on Amazon here: Epson EH-TW5210 Home Cinema/Gaming Projector (Full HD, 3LCD, 1080p, 3D)

BenQ HT3050

3. BenQ HT3050

This quality 3D projector is neither too expensive nor exceptionally cheap in terms of price. This does not however mean that it has mediocre capabilities. The quality of images produced by this projector is very high, seeing that this projector has a brightness of 3000 lumens. Its resolution is another big plus for this projector, because it has a very high resolution of 1920* 1080 pixels, guaranteeing you very clear images. Additionally, the BenQ HT3050 3D movie projector has horizontal and vertical digital keystone adjustment, which means that even before an image leaves the projector, it is in the shape of a perfect rectangle. This projector uses DLP technology, which means that every once in a while, you may experience the annoying rainbow effect. All in all, you should consider this projector as you shop around for 3D movie projectors.

You can purchase this projector on Amazon here: BenQ W1110 DLP Projector (3D, 2200 ANSI lumens)

Optoma HD 26


4. Optoma HD 26

This one of the most affordable Optoma projectors. In spite of its pocket friendly prices, it has a very high resolution of 1080 pixels. It, however, has a relatively low brightness of 1000 lumens, which limits its use to dim rooms or those with ambient light. On the brighter side though, it is very good for watching 3D movies in, as it produces high quality images. It also has an amazing lamp life of 6500 hours on ecofriendly mode. It is a good projector by any standards that requires your attention in your quest of purchasing quality 3D projectors.

You can purchase this projector on Amazon here: OPTOMA HD26 3200 Lumens 1080p Resolution DLP Technology Home Entertainment

ViewSonic Pro 7827HD

5. ViewSonic Pro 7827HD

This projector ranks on the expensive side in terms of price, but is a great machine for watching 3 D movies in. with the very high resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, and a brightness of 2200 lumens that make it appropriate for a room with relatively bright lighting. The combination of these two produces very high quality and clear images to show for the high cost of the projector.

You can purchase this projector on Amazon here: ViewSonic LightStream Pro7827HD 1080p Home Cinema Projector

Panasonic PT-AE8000

6. Panasonic PT-AE8000

This projector is also relatively expensive, but its extra cost is nothing compared to the kind of images it produces. With a brightness of 2400 lumens, the resolution of 1920*1080 pixels and high contrast, this projector is certainly the best of its kind. This projector supports 3D movies in both the technological and ordinary sense of the word, because it comes with 2 pairs of 3D shutter glasses. The LCD projector is certainly in the top league as long as colour accuracy and image quality and clarity are concerned.

You can purchase this projector on Amazon here: Panasonic PT-AT6000E

Sony VPL VW500ES

7. Sony VPL VW500ES

As with most Sony projectors, this one is expensive. But it is not expensive for nothing because the great depth with which you can watch 3D movies using this projector is worth the money. Additionally, this projector has immaculate color blending, and you are assured of lots of thrilling fun as you watch your 3D movie.

You can purchase this projector on Amazon here: Sony VPL-VW500ES data projector – data projectors (1524 – 7620 mm (60 – 300″), AC, 200000:1, SXRD, Black, Desktop)

Sony HW 40ES

8. Sony HW 40ES

Another product of Sony, this projector produces images of high quality as is expected of all Sony projectors. It has a brightness of 1700 lumens, a high resolution of 1920*1080 pixels and a very high contrast ratio. The combined effect of all these specifications is a spectacular watching experience.

You can purchase this projector on Amazon here: Sony VPL-HW40ES/B Home Cinema Projector

BenQ TH670

9. BenQ TH670

As with most BenQ projectors, this is an inexpensive product. This by no means implies that it is of lower quality, because it has the brightness of a solid 3000 lumens. What is more, it has good color quality and high resolution, which translate into high quality images. Although this projector uses DLP technology, it has fewer rainbow appearances. This would certainly be a good investment for your home theatre.

You can purchase this projector on Amazon here: BenQ TH670 DLP 3D Projector (3000 ANSI Lumens 1920 x 1080 16:9 HD 1080p)

Epson Power Lite Home Cinema 5030UB

10. Epson EH-TW9200W

Another epic Epson product, this projector is good for watching 3 D movies with. It has a brightness of 2400 lumens, a very high contrast of 600000:1, and very high resolution. This means that the images produced are of the very best quality. On the downside however, this projector is expensive, but if you buy it, it will most likely surpass your wildest expectations.

You can purchase this projector on Amazon here: Epson EH-TW9200W

Well that compiles our Top 10 3D Movie Projectors, we hope it has helped in your quest for cinematic glory!

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