Top 10 3D Movies in 2015

The Top 10 3D Movies in 2015

There are various 3D movies that have been highly rated in 2015 due to their unique nature. We take a look at the top 10 3D movies in 2015. The 3D movies are still limited to just two genres which includes the children’s animations and action blockbusters. Below are the top 10 3D movies as have been rated in 2015.

The Top 10 3D Movies in 2015.Minions

10. Minions.

The Minions is an excellent 3D kids’ movie that you will find very fantastic for your kids. It is produced by Illumination Entertainment that has provided very universal pictures. It is in glorious stereoscopic 3D, hence guarantees a clear view. The story in the movie begins when the Minions are out for a lengthy adventure. It also features various voice casts like Steve Coogan, Sandra Bullock, Michael Keaton and Allison Janney.


9. Pixels.

The great family movie that brings retro games and reality together in an epic battle to save the planet. Adam Sandler stars as an Alien race challenges earth to a series of events using popular arcade games as the common enemy. With some great visual effects Pixels surprised many with some stunning 3D effects. Using Pacman, Donkey Kong and co as the centre point.


8. The Good Dinosaur.

The highest ranking animated movie in our top 10 3D movies in 2015 is The Good Dinosaur. It’s a 3D animation movie that is expected to be released by Walt Disney pictures and to be produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The tale story in the animation movie comes after a big hearted, 70-foot tall Apatosaurus. He participates with Spot, who is a young human boy. This 3D kids’ animation story that your kids will definitely love.


7. Ant-Man.

Marvel strike again with another speculative masterpiece with the slap stick adventure in Ant-Man 3D. Smaller is definitely better on the 3D aspect as Paul Rudd battles against a company looking to exploit the shrinking technology by selling it to the highest bidder, regardless of their intentions. With great references linking Ant-Man to The Avengers, you will enjoy what this miniature hero and co has to offer.


6. Poltergeist 2015.

This is another excellent 3D movie that has high quality stereoscopic 3D that makes it appear very fantastic. The horror movie is to be written by David Lindsay and directed by Gil Kenan. The producer of the movie is known as Sam Raimi. The protagonist character Sam Rockwell, who is a trailer appears very awesome, darn cool as he always has a good turn. This is one of the best 3D movies you will find very enjoyable watching.


5. Mad Max: Fury Road.

The Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the movies that make up the top 10 3D movies in 2015. The movie will be shot with 3D rigs and camera. The movie has also been retrofitted with a 3D stereo that makes it match the modern videos. The cameras and 3D rigs to be used in the capturing of the video are being created by George Miller, who is the director of the movie. In the movie, the eponymous role is played Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.


4. Terminator Genisys.

This is a high quality 3D movie that offers an Imax 3D for an epic experience. It is therefore suitable for any user as it provides the best view. Just as the name suggests, the main character in this high quality 3D movie is known as terminator. The plot of the story begins when Arnie is now back in the role of a titular. This is after he has been freed from the duties of the governorship. Alan Taylor, who is directing and Legacy effects is the one in charge of bringing the terminator endoskeletons back on the huge screen. In the movies, the spoon and a cup of tea that features has greatly drawn a lot of interest. This is because it is above any unofficial teaser movie. It is therefore a classic 3D movie that you don’t want to miss watching.


3. Jurassic World.

In the Jurassic World movie rolls in at number 3 in our Top 10 3D Movies in 2015, the pixels are being provided by Phil Tippett and Industrial Light and Magic, who are the supervisor of the visual effects. The movie is to be directed by Colin Trevorrow who directs the screenplay and also co-writes with Derek Connolly. The story in the movie is about the dinosaur that is a tourist attraction. It is up and running. Since the rates of the visitors to the tourist sites begin to fall down, they decide to create a new attraction to draw the attention of the public. They therefore come with a genetically modified dinosaur that is known as Indominus Rex.


2. Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Number 2 in our Top 10 3D Movies in 2015 is Avengers: Age of Ultron, one of the best 3D movies to hit our screens in recent years. The movie was one of the most awaited 3d movies in 2015 and it has about 3,000 visual effects shots that are very astonishing. They have been contributed by about 7-12 visual effects companies. The Lucasfilms’ Industrial Light & Magic is one of the companies that has provided the ultimate visual effects in the movie. This great company has created Muse, which is the latest motion capture system that is used in the Age of Ultron. This is therefore an excellent 3D movie that you will definitely love.

star-wars-the-force- awakens1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Number 1 in our Top 10 3D Movies in 2015 is a smart 3D movie that is expected to be released in a 2D, 3D and Imax 3D. The fans a wait for the movies, mostly after being promised by the JJ Abrams, who is the director that the movie will be Shot and not use the digital means. More of practical effects and rely less on the CG compared than the prequels did will be used in the video shooting. The ILM and music effects in the movie will be provided by John Williams.

These are the top 10 3D movies that you will always love watching. They are very clear videos besides the smart stories. Get any of these movies and you will find it very fantastic. They are easily available both locally and online at pocket friendly prices. These are the best 3D movies to watch this Christmas Holiday which are suitable for both kids and adults. Get the best 3D kid’s animation movies and your kids will definitely enjoy watching them.


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