Top 10 3D Movies Of All Time

Top 10 3D Movies Of All Time

3D is everywhere, nowadays all the big movies are taking the route of 3D to give viewers a more amazing experience. But out of all these movies which are the best ones? Here is a list of our top Top 10 3D movies of all time that demand to be seen through glasses only.

Top 10 3D Movies Of All Time.

Tron Legacy 3D

  1. Tron Legacy (2010)

Tenth in our Top 10 3D Movies Of All Time countdown is Tron Legacy is a story which revolves around the Sam, son of famous game developer Kevin who is baffled by the mysterious disappearance of his father. Story then takes Sam to a arcade from which he gets drawn into the same world in which his father has been trapped for past 20 years. What’s shown to us is magnificent journey of Sam, Kevin along with fearless warrior Quorra of escaping the universe that is far more dangerous than Kevin had ever thought of it.


  1. The Adventures Of Tintin (2011)

Adventures Of Tintin is a computer animated motion picture by Steven Speilsberg which takes audience into a wild ride with their favorite cartoon character from the beloved cartoon series. This film is loaded with spectacular graphics and a star studded cast. The movie showcases Tintin and his dog Snowy trek setting up on a adventure for the hunt of the treasure loaded sunken ship. Speilsberg has made a magnificent use of 3D with perfectly synchronized action sequences and solid camera angles and visuals.


  1. Up (2009)

Up is one of the sweetest movies that you just can’t miss in 3D. the story revolves around a grumpy old man and his struggle to fulfill last wish of his wife. There is so much more to this touching story which has been amazingly created by the Pixar. Graphics are amazing and in the second half when the the old man flies his house with helium balloons along with a grumpy kid makes its very beautiful spectacle. This was the first 3D movie that was showcased into Cannes Film Festival. Up is a beautiful emotional tale which is fun to watch in 3D.


  1. The Avengers (2012)

Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and there equally powerful bad-ass teamed up for the first time in the blockbuster mega movie The Avengers’. Thanks to amazing graphics that were used in the movie we are showcased some of the best action sequences in 3D with loky and his extra terrestrial force battling it out with our heroes. Final battle is one of the best actions pieces that are ever witnessed on the silver screen which one just cant miss to see in 3D. Hulk fitting it out with an army of outer space, Iron Man showcasing his acrobatic Ariel manoeuvres is something which enthralls the audiences.



  1. Toy Story 3 (2010)

There have been very few third movies of a particular franchise that have been successful but Toy Story 3 is a sweet exception. It took us back to childhood with amazing use of 3D visuals and brilliant story line. In this glorious movie we are enthralled with the journey of woody, Buzz and rest of the gang who try to fight an evil bear and find their way back to their beloved owner. We were always expected to be entertained but no one would have ever predicted this kind of layers to this wonderfully scripted movie. Though there are not many action sequences in the movie but overall it just gives a sense of please to the viewers.


  1. Hugo (2011)

Hugo directed by Martin Scorsese is a complete family friendly 3D affair which starts with a boy who calls Paris station as his home. Though this does not gives a lot into about the story of the film but to be fair Hugo is a gem of a movie which makes for a fantastic cinema. There are many beautiful 3D sequences in the movie that just adds to the overall cinematic experience of the audience.


  1. How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

What can make a better 3D viewing then dragons battling around, that what one gets when they watch How To Train your Dragon. It was rated as the most creative film at 2009 Venice Film Festival for its fantastic story line and state of the art VFX which was used. The story is both funny and moving with a young Viking striking up a bond of friendship with his dragon friend toothless. Its another gem that just cannot be missed in 3D.


  1. Life Of Pie (2012)

Directed by award winning director Ang Lee, Life Of Pie is one of the best 3D movies that you are ever likely to see and sits nicely in at number 3 in our Top 10 3D Movies Of All Time. This was the 3D adaptation of the Yann Martel’s novel with same title. The movies shows that after a big accident at sea, a young boy gets stranded in the middle of the ocean with only a fierce tiger for his company. The movie takes audiences on a beautiful visual experience with some of the best seen 3D sequences that we are ever likely to see. A voyage filled with emotion and adventure Life of Pie gives valuable life lessons with amazing treat for eyes.


  1. Gravity (2009)

Second in our Top 10 3D Movies Of All Time is Gravity. Exploration of outer space with biggest budget that has even been invested in a motion picture makes Gravity the best 3D film to have ever been made. The movie is a terrific sci-fi masterpiece which has brilliant 3D visuals and a heart touching tale of two astronauts who get stranded in the worst possible place- outer space. Gravity along with being one of the best 3D films was also praised a lot for performance of its leads and direction. Some of the visuals of with a backdrop of distant view of earth from the space are marvelous to watch. It is a movie that one just cannot afford to miss.


  1.  Avatar (2009)

Avatar tops our Top 10 3D Movies Of All Time list and it was one movie that brought 3D to mainstream. It was one of the best movies that showed how technology can work in favor of the audiences, ahead of its time and STILL to date ahead of its nearest competitor. It has perfect ingredients for a perfect 3D viewing with brilliant graphics and out of the world story line. Avatar is an unforgettable journey full of aliens, wonderful beauty of Pandora and good action sequences. It one of those futuristic movies that was not only releases in 3D but also in 4D in some parts of the world. It won’t be wrong to say that Avatar made the birth of 3D in modern cinemas.

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