Top 10 Marvel Movies

Top 10 Marvel Movies

The comic book era is here to stay. Despite all the doomsayers and their prophecies about the supposed glut of superhero movies, comic book adaptations have only grown in scope and popularity over the years, and no other brand has dominated in this arena quite like Marvel. To narrow it down to a top 10 Marvel movies was not easy.

Top 10 Marvel movies.

No other brand has come close to achieving the level of success Marvel is enjoying today. Even with its properties spread out across various studios, the Marvel machine is continuing to roll on, dominating the field so effectively that it is difficult to see any other contenders taking the crown from them anytime soon.

Considering all the Marvel movies that have been released in the last two decades, selecting the best among this impressive list is bound to prove a challenge even to the most ardent Marvel fan, the top 10 Marvel Movies to date including the following:

guardians of the galaxy10) Guardians of the Galaxy

Tenth in our top 10 Marvel movies list is Guardians of the Galaxy. It is unlike any movie Marvel has ever produced. A Space Opera spanning entire galaxies, this movie stands apart from its many rivals primarily because it does the impossible, taking a collection of C-list characters and turning them into some of the most popular Marvel characters the movie-going audience has ever seen.

Combining the explosiveness of the Avengers with the depth of Star Wars, it is difficult to believe that Marvel actually took a chance on a comic book title most movie fans had never heard of and succeeded so immensely.

thor9) Thor

Ninth in our top 10 Marvel movies round up is Thor. Where Guardians of the Galaxy struggled with the notion of introducing a whole new cast of heroes, the first Thor movie had the much harder task of taking a universe molded largely around science and throwing elements of fantasy and magic into the mix.

Thor is big, explosive and far more entertaining that it has any right to be. The success of the movie rests solely on the shoulders of Chris Hemsworth and, as the Norse God of Thunder, Chris’ charm and charisma allows him to elevate this mythical character to new heights.

Following the efforts of a brash and inexperienced Thor, as he is banished to earth and forced to learn humility, Thor balances high fantasy with comedy by taking the time to flesh out the depths of Asgard even while giving Earth and it’s quirky characters plenty of time to shine.

ant man 3d8) Antman

Antman was the perfect palette cleanser to follow the massive and rather exhausting Avengers: Age of Ultron. It sits pretty in eight in our top 10 Marvel movies article. A smaller movie with a more comedic tone, Antman tells the most contained story the Marvel Universe has seen to date.

Following the adventures of Paul Rudd as a righteous burglar turned hero, Antman is the funniest the Marvel Universe has ever been. More than merely delivering hilarious punch lines, though, the movie also has heart.

At its core, Antman is a story about relationships between parents and their children, biological or otherwise, and the turmoil that can result when those relationships break. The cast is fantastic, with each character playing an essential role in the overall resolution of the movie’s plot.

iron man7) Iron Man

Iron Man is most people’s favourite Marvel Movie, and not simply because it started the Marvel Universe. Iron man is difficult to criticize; it was almost the perfect way to introduce the Marvel Universe.

Introducing Tony Stark, who is essentially the rock star of the Marvel Universe, to moviegoers, one cannot give Jon Favreau enough praise for bringing this wisecracking armor wielding superhero to life.

Iron Man is fast-paced, action-packed and the sort of good time movies were always meant to be. Sure, the movie could have benefited from a more explosive ending, but that doesn’t take away from the achievements of what might be one of the finest comic book movies ever made.

X-Men 26) X2

Talk about the X-men, and most people will probably sing the praises of First Class and even Days of Future Past. However, even the failure of Xmen: The Last Stand, cannot take away the glory of the original Xmen Trilogy, of which X2 stands at the pinnacle.

Building upon the success of the first movie, X2 tells a tighter, more compelling story about the place of mutated man in Modern Society. With the world turning against them, Mutant-kind must put its differences aside to fight a common enemy.

Brimming with action, character development and philosophical intrigue, X2 still stands as the best of the X-Men movies, unsullied by time and has made a respectful sixth in our top 10 Marvel movies.

Blade 25) Blade II

Before Iron Man, before The Hulk and even before The X-Men, there was Blade. Often forgotten, buried under the sheer number of comic book movies that have come out since, Blade was the first truly great comic book movie to hit the silver screen, and Blade II took things to a whole new level.

Pitting Wesley Snipes’ Blade and a band of Vampires trained to kill him against a new, deadlier enemy, Guillermo Del Toro’s take on Blade was much darker and more visceral, the movie utilizing great CGI and practical effects to deliver a story filled with drama, suspense and a ton of action.

You haven’t watched comic book movies until you have seen Blade. Del Toro’s Penchant for horrific monsters shines through with his take on a new species of vampires.

spiderman 24) Spiderman 2

There have been Five Spiderman Movies so far. And even with the recent, glossier additions to the Spiderman franchise, Spiderman 2 still remains unchallenged as the best live action adaption of the character.

Even taking into account the novelty of the first Spiderman, there is no denying the fact that the sequel elevated the stakes, introducing an insidious new villain and pushing Toby Maguire’s Peter Parker to the brink of failure.

Few comic book movies have ever manifested more visceral battles than Spiderman’s encounters with Doc Oc. Boasting a well-developed cast of characters and injecting more depth into its action than most other superhero movies can dream of, Spiderman2 stands a class apart.

Captain America The Winter Soldier

3) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is the movie that changed everything and sits pretty at number 3 in our top 10 Marvel movies run down. This is the movie which proved that you do not need an ensemble cast of heroes to blow audiences away. One of the most explosive movies ever brought to the cinema and featuring choreography and action scenes that would put the best Asian Martial Arts productions to shame, The Winter Soldier was the dramatic transformation the Marvel Universe was looking for.

A political thriller that turns everything fans have known on its head, The Winter Soldier pits Chris Evan’s Captain America against his greatest challenge and closest friend, testing the hero’s faith and shattering his hope in his superiors.

A political thriller that surprised audiences, the Second Captain America movie will be remembered for changing the Marvel Landscape irrevocably.

deadpool2) Deadpool

The movie that shattered all expectations and changed the way audiences view comic book movies, Deadpool is like no other superhero movie. Boasting a foul-mouthed mercenary with regenerative capabilities who tears his city apart in search of the man that destroyed his life, Deadpool exceeds every expectation one might have.

Featuring incredible action and more humor than all the other Marvel movies put together, Deadpool is also surprisingly deep, delivering an intense love story that will warm the hearts of even the most jaded moviegoers. Deadpool would have made number 1 if it wasn’t for the long running stature the guys who beat him to it.

avengers-assembled1) Avengers

Number 1 in our top 10 Marvel movies countdown and deservedly so. The greatest movie ever to some people, the Avengers is one of the highest grossing movies of all time, and for good reason. Bringing Earth’s mightiest heroes together to face the threat of Loki, who is intent upon unleashing the wrath of a cosmic army upon the earth, the Avengers is pretty much perfect, every line crafted to deliver as much drama and humor as possible, each scene effortlessly constructed to deliver an orgy of fun, action, and entertainment.

From the iconic New York Battle scene to the various interactions (and fights) between Marvel’s greatest heroes, this is one movie that will go down in history as the greatest superhero movie ever made.

Despite all the accomplishments it can boast of in the arena of movies, Marvel has only grown stronger with time, each one of its new movies breaking new ground, drawing new audiences and effortlessly shattering box office records.

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