Top 10 Worst 3D Movies

Top 10 Worst 3D Movies

Once in a while, a 3D movie doesn’t live up to its expectation. We like to call them the money spinners. Simply produced or converted into 3D to make a few extra pennies. Well as I am sure you are aware we exist simply to help with separating the good from the bad. Here is our Top 10 Worst 3D Movies. 10 of the most noticeably bad 3D movies of all time.

Top 10 Worst 3D Movies.

For this run down, we’re taking a gander at movies that either used 3D innovation to diminish impact or happened to be discharged in 3D, however, were terrible in any case. These movies were hoping to rake in oodles of cash with the additional expense of a 3D motion picture ticket, yet the included cost didn’t mean included quality. For these movies, 3D should’ve been a 3-Donot.

Disclaimer: we are displaying the 2D forms of the movies for our commencement, so no compelling reason to break out the spellbound glasses!

Resident Evil Afterlife
10. “Occupant Evil: Afterlife” (2010)

Much like the tune that never closes, this film establishment is tireless. Before the end of the third portion, you’d think the movie producers would step far from the computer game-turned-film arrangement, however, oh, they raised the stakes for number four. Tossing 3D tech at a wavering establishment is a decent approach to give it restored vitality, yet it does nothing for the film’s agreeability or risky storyline. “The great beyond” needs not so much 3D but rather more of a reason – as in “why was it even made?”

9. “R.I.P.D” (2013)

The reason of the film appeared like it may have worked: two or three powerful cops tidy up the mean avenues in the hereafter. Also, it has Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. OK. Tragically, it ended up being a goliath stinker, with truly futile 3D to boot. The embellishments in the film appeared to experience the ill effects of what we can just expect was “underfunding,” and the 3D seems to have been tossed in as a push to recover costs. It didn’t succeed.

John Carter
8. “John Carter” (2012)

With a financial plan that must be portrayed as “inefficient,” this film did a full gainer into lemon land. Taking into account its sticker price of $250-million, everything about “John Carter” should’ve been amazing, including the 3D. On the other hand, the 3D is just… blah. For such a CG-substantial film, you’d think it would completely exploit the majority of the motion picture going joys 3D movies can offer. Rather, it just neglects to convey, much like the interplanetary enterprise film itself.

Alice in Wonderland 2010
7. “Alice in Wonderland” (2010)

All alone, it’s not an unpleasant motion picture. Tim Burton’s interpretation of the Lewis Carroll exemplary is dull, obviously, but on the other hand, it’s overflowing with some truly fascinating visuals and cool embellishments. They sincerely could’ve abandoned it in the majority of its 2D brilliance. However, it appears that the forces that be needed to bounce on the 3D temporary fad. In all actuality, the 3D seems to be an idea in retrospect or artificiality rather than an important or even welcome element.

Friday the Thirteenth Part III
6. “Friday the Thirteenth Part III” (1982)

It bodes well for a thriller to need to use some fun 3D components to highlight their story. With the possibility of film blood and hatchet-wielding killers jumping at the gathering of people, it has every one of the makings of an energizing motion picture going background. Lamentably, that didn’t exactly work around here. What could have apparently been a truly imaginative and exciting utilization of 3D simply wound up being a contrivance for a horrendous film? Take a cleaver to this one, Jason.

Spy Kids 3D Game Over
5. “Spy Kids 3D: Game Over” (2003)

To the extent kids movies go, this one is really crappy as a rule. By one means or another, this is the third in an establishment of comparably awful movies. However, this time, they broke out the serious canons with the 3D. Too terrible it wasn’t sufficient to make the film intriguing in any capacity. Considerably additionally astounding: there’s a fourth portion that makes this flick resemble “Resident Kane.”

Piranha 3DD
4. “Piranha 3DD” (2012)

Seriously this is the most PG friendly image we had for a movie finishing just outside the top 3 in our top 10 worst 3D movies. This motion picture some way or another did not wind up going straight to the Syfy channel. It’s likewise some way or another a continuation, but an appalling follow-up to its to some degree mindful antecedent. What doesn’t work this time around isn’t only the dull storyline or the unfunny jokes: the thought 3D boobs should be sufficient to draw groups of onlookers in. What’s more, in this period of web porn, it just doesn’t have the right stuff.

Jaws 3D
3. “Jaws 3D” (1983)

The primary “Jaws” motion picture was an intense act to take after, yet some way or another Hollywood discovered a way. When the third one took off, it appeared the producers practically knew they were scratching the worst of the worst, so why not toss in somewhere in the range of 3D? In any event, it offered something for gatherings of people to concentrate on other than the craziness of the film itself. If that doesn’t convince you that Jaws is a real stinker, look at the image we have used. Goodness, did we neglect to say the part about how it happens at Sea World? Silly.

Clash Of The Titans
2. “Clash Of The Titans” (2010)

Second in our top 10 worst 3D movies is a movie that went out not with a blast but rather a fuss. Between the Titans legend and Greek mythology, there’s all that anyone could need material to make for a brain blowing great film, and stunningly better 3D impacts. What gatherings of people really got, on the other hand, was an inadequately composed script and far and away more terrible 3D. It’s genuinely clear that the 3D was added to augment benefits, which is an even less convincing motivation to see the film. You know what is convincing, however? Krakens.

Before we uncover our top pick, here are a couple of that didn’t make the top 10 worst 3D movies but are worthy of being included on any other giving day.

– “Gulliver’s Travels” (2010)

– “Conan the Barbarian” (2011)

– “G-Force” (2009)

– “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D” (2005)

The Last Airbender
1. “The Last Airbender” (2010)

Fans who were amped up for the potential magnificence of a real to life “Symbol” film were soon met with many disappointments. When the film made it to theaters, it was a hot steaming chaos of horrendous. Nothing about the film reclaimed it to groups of onlookers, from its terrible dialog, awful throwing, and absurd 3D. A clear winner in out top 10 worst 3D movies.

That concludes our top 10 worst 3D movies of all the time and there was plenty of stinkers. Unfortunately they will continue to be produced but that is what we at 3D Movie Review are here for. To separate the good, the bad and the ugly.

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