Tron Legacy 3D

Tron Legacy 3D starts off in 1989 with Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) telling his son Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) about a cyber universe called Tron. Kevin tells Sam that one day he will take him to the grid but that is the last time he will speak to his father. Sam now a rebellious 27-year-old and his father has been missing for 20 years is contacted by his Dads best friend Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner). He explains he has received a message from his office phone from the arcade he owns but also that the phone has been disconnected for the 20 years his father has been missing. Sam visits the arcade and finds his Dads secret office which leads him in to the world of Tron.


There isn’t a single shred of 3D awesomeness until Sam enters the world of Tron, which isn’t to disappointing really. Upon Sams capture as he enters Tron you can see the visuals straight away, mainly coming from the suits that the AI are wearing and the background. We get to see an action packed scene a few minutes later as Sam moves frantically through an arena in a futuristic game of dodgeball.

Now you might be thinking ‘This review isn’t selling it to me’ and you’d be right, because the effects of this movie are good in 2D. All the lit up suits and glowing buildings are part of the film and I don’t think the 3D is anywhere near as impressive as it could be. For instance in other 3D movies we have reviewed there are actual in your face moments when explosion jump out at you or when the scenery is real prominent. In all honest I think Tron 3D is a bit of a money spinner. You expect amazing visuals with the movie itself already impressive on the eye, but in all honest the 3D is basic and nothing screams out ‘YEAH! That was a brilliant 3D moment right there’.


In the motorbike scene there are a lot of crashes when another bike hits the blaze trail of an opponent, and again, all though these scenes are impressive in 2D not once does any of the action jump out at you, and they had so many chances here to do so. Immediately after this scene Quora joins in on the action whisking Sam off before he is killed. As she goes off the grid driving at 100 miles per hour through rough terrain there again is unsatisfying effect from a 3D point of view. Even at the end when Sam and Quora are about to enter the portal to go back to the real world there was plenty of opportunity to make it look visually spectacular. With all the pulsating waves conducted in the portal and the explosion itself you would expect at least one shred of 3D awesomeness but again it was lacklustre.

We cannot actually think of anything else worth talking about on this review, the last hour had nothing worth reporting. Overall a disappointing movie and if you are not a fan of the 2D version we strongly advise you do not waste your money buying this money spinner from Disney.


  • Poor use of 3D
  • 3D potential not utilised
  • Clear money spinner


3D Movie Suitability - 9
3D Planning & Effort - 1
3D Visuals - 8
3D Fulfillment - 1

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