Zootropolis 3D Movie Review

Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) is the first officer rabbit to hit the streets of Zootropolis…. On parking duty! Feeling down with here new assignment, Judy soon finds out what Zootropolis has to offer. A fast paced, vibrant city lined with all kinds of animals, including a crafty fox called Nick Wilde. As fate has it, both Judy and Nick take on the case of one of the 14 missing animal cases in Zootropolis. Judy is hell bent on proving her worth to Chief Bogo. The duo embark on a journey to remember and strike up an unexpected friendship, making a lot of acquaintances along the way. Apart from a brilliant family adventure there was a 3D aspect to adhere to. Here is our Zootropolis 3D movie review, we hope you enjoy it.

Zootropolis in general is a really fun-filled, action-packed family bonanza. But we are here to discuss whether or not it is worth spending the extra money to purchase the 3D version of the movie. I will be very blunt with you the 3D scenes were not that great, but just before you click off the page do not think all is bad. Most would notice that Zootropolis was not shot with 3D in mind. So rather than just completely disregard the movies 3D aspect I had to look at it from a different angle. Rather than ask the question was the 3D scenes good enough to part with the extra cash, I had to ask, did the movies have enough from a visual point of view to help improve the 3D. Lets face it, some movies have a really good 3D factor but either the movie sucks or the visuals are not that great. The creativity of the movies locations matter a lot, for instance in Avatar the fictional world of Pandora lets the 3D thrive under the bright and vibrant colours the planet and Avatars offer. Were as Tron 3D in my eyes, was a massive failure as Tron itself was dull. So the answer to that question is a big fat YES!

Zootropolis is a fast paced, vibrant city with lots to offer its residents. Along with the above, variety is key for 3D to be of benefit. If the creators have managed to well, er, create a movie with enough going on then the 3D is only going to benefit. One key feature I found helped the 3D was how diverse Zootropolis was. It has several districts which are all home to the different mammals that live within Zootropolis. So let me paint the picture for a few of the districts to give you a feel for what Zootropolis has to offer.

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Sahara Square District

Sahara Square District.

Sahara Square is a dry, humid and sweltering hot district, home to the the famous Gazelle and our foxy friend Nick Wilde. With places like Las Vegas and Dubai as its inspiration Sahara Square really does give the viewer a feel toward the diversity Zootropolis has to offer. Sahara Square is also home the luxurious Palm Hotel and Yax the yak owns the Mystic Springs Oasis Naturist Club, the place were the Zootopians can, well, be themselves! Oh and yes thats in 3D and you do get an eyeful!

Tundratown District

Tundratown District.

Separated by the climate wall, Tundratown District is quite the opposite to Sahara Square. It is a chilly old place made completely of ice including the buildings were everybody gets around using skis. Tundratown gets its inspiration from places like Alaska and Moscow. Its inhabitants include Peter Moosebridge, Mr. Big and Koslov the polar bear.

Little Rodentia District

Little Rodentia District.

Little Rodentia is the smallest district in Zootropolis at 21 inches tall. All though small, Little Rodentia is a fast paced district home to the rodents of Zootopolis. The locals get around using hamster style tubes as skybridges to travel between its many shops and restaurants. It is were Judy saves the life of Fru-Fru, daughter of Mr. Big which stops her and Nicks getting ‘iced’ when in Tundratown.

Rainforest District

Rainforest District.

The Rainforest District is self explanatory really, as its name suggest there is plenty of greenery, waterfalls and rain to helps the plants and its inhabitants feel at home. Due to the rivers flowing through the district many homes are built within the tree tops and the Zootopians get around by the gondola lifts aerial transportation.


That is just a few of the districts within Zootropolis and they give the viewer a feel for the city as a hole. One factor they have concentrated on and I mentioned briefly about before is weather. I feel a good 3D movie needs to capture the weather conditions on screen, just like Hugo 3D. This is something I think they have done really well with Zootropolis. Each district gives the movie that authenticity it needed and it really does save the 3D aspect of the movie. Yes the movie wasn’t made with 3D in mind, there wasn’t enough to compete with the best 3D movies out there. But the creators have saved it to a certain extent with the great visuals and the imaginative city of Zootropolis.

In summary, with clever design and a clear eye for detail I would say it is worth getting in 3D. In 2D I fell in love with this movie, it really did catch my eye. So if I can add anything else to that to make Zootropolis that little bit more entertaining then count me in! The 3D aspect wasn’t great on its own, but with such creative and diverse movie it justifies paying for the 3D version for the avid mover goer.

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Released Date: 25 July 2016
Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush
Phil Johnston, Jim Reardon, Josie Trinidad, Jennifer Lee
Actors: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, Jenny Slate

By Roy Thomas



  • Weather Conditions
  • Zootropolis


  • Wasn't Made With 3D In Mind


3D Movie Suitability - 6
3D Planning & Effort - 5
3D Visuals - 9
3D Fulfillment - 4